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Craig Fleck
United States

Craig has a passion for engaging leaders in conversations that have meaning and impact, both for their organizations and for their personal lives. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with large, multi-national and small regional organizations, helping them shape their futures and meet the challenges they are confronting.

He is particularly interested in helping organizations develop the capacity to continue to evolve and adapt their work with their own resources. Thus, he has designed numerous programs and initiatives geared towards transferring and building knowledge and experience internally over a period of time.

Craig photo

After receiving a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, Craig started his career working in psycho-social rehabilitation, working with Schizophrenics and manic depressives. In the early 1980’s, he worked in “at risk” school programs, working with children experiencing drug and alcohol problems and counseling children with learning disabilities. Long a proponent of experiential learning, Craig has led people on hundreds of trips in the mountains, on rivers, rock-climbing and on ropes courses, combining his love of nature with his capacity to cultivate leaders.

In 1990, Craig co-developed an individual coaching program called “The Life Purpose Process,” which focuses on helping people connect to and manifest their life purpose. Craig is committed to building internal capacity in the client systems he works with in order for them to be self-generating and correcting on both an individual and systemic level. He has coached leaders in the United States, Mexico, France, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Hungary, Japan, England and Austria. He is certified by New Ventures West as a Professional Coach and certified by ICF as a Professional Coach.

Craig has a passion for art in its numerous expressions, and he is a woodcarver and bass player. He loves poetry, fine literature and the visual arts. He believes that Leaders have much to learn from the artist’s approach and engagement with the world.

Craig has traveled extensively. He lives on Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Washington, with his wife,
Sephanie and son, Connor.

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