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Mitch Saunders
United States

For over twenty-five years, Mitch has worked closely with pioneering individuals and organizations in the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors. The ones who see things differently, and are crazy enough to think they can change the world. Mitch spent his formative years in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Growing up amidst constant multicultural tensions and violence, he learned at an early age how to sense and influence what’s emerging around him. His specialty is helping leaders create game-changing breakthroughs, find better ways of getting things done and when needed, reinvent themselves and the ways they create value.

    Mitch Saunders

He is a Director with The Alliance of CEOs, and is the creator of The CEO Studio, a unique learning lab sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank for early stage entrepreneurs.

Mitch is at home working on challenges that resist easy answers. He has served as an advisor to teams that brought unprecedented products to market. He has guided executive teams through the gut-wrenching process when a business model stalls, or when quality issues put a company’s future at risk.

His passion is leaving the world a better place for future generations. A few years ago, in conjunction with the Global Project on Negotiation at Harvard, he created a special “laboratory” that produced an entirely new form of conflict prevention currently being implemented in the Middle East. He also facilitated a week-long gathering of international leaders (convened by His Holiness The Dalai Lama) that averted a simmering conflict between China and Tibet.

Mitch is a respected contributor to the fields of organizational learning and leadership. Earlier in his career, he led groundbreaking research on dialogue and collective intelligence, and taught at the Organizational Learning Center at M.I.T. More recently, his work was selected as the foundation for a post-graduate program on Organizational Change and Renewal at Seattle University.

An avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, Mitch makes his home now, with his family, in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California.